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Aranui Montessori Preschool is located in Auckland's North Shore at 17 Chartwell Ave, Glenfield. 

In Te Reo Māori,  'Ara' means pathway and 'Nui' means great.

Aranui Montessori is a private preschool that offers a high standard of specialised care and quality education that is deeply rooted in Montessori teachings, practices and philosophies.

Our goal at Aranui is to provide a stimulating platform that enables independent development by nurturing intelligence, curiosity and imagination whilst ensuring the well-being of all children in our care. 

Our school has been carefully designed to offer a homely and safe environment for children ages 2 to 5 years. It is equipped with scientifically prepared Montessori instruments and facilitated by qualified Montessori teachers. 

We at Aranui strive to provide a balance between education, social, emotional, physical, creative and developmental needs in a child's journey.

Our Vision

To empower our children with the necessary skills to reach their fullest potential and contribute to society in a positive and meaningful manner

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Our Offering

We operate from a purpose-built centre with specified learning areas in Glenfield.


Our philosophy places a strong emphasis on the Montessori method; providing our children with a high-quality early childhood education through practical and life experiences.

Montessori experience
Montessori preschool
Aukland montessori preschool

Head teacher and Director of Aranui has over 32 years of experience in teaching Montessori method

New purpose-built centre

Our teachers are fully qualified ECE graduates
with Montessori training

Comprehensive reading and numeracy program

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